Funds and trusts

Trusts and funds are a popular asset protection mechanism worldwide. Their main feature is that the owner transfers all his assets into a trust or a fund and isn’t their owner anymore, this way he protects his assets from any encroachments of his opponents, ill-wishing partners and relatives.

Trust is a system of relations in which the assets originally owned by the Founder (The Owner) are transferred to Trustee (manager), but the beneficiaries receive the income from them.
Legally trust is an agreement (trust agreement) in which one person (the founder or truster) transfers to another
person – the trustee the right to dispose (in accordance with the wishes of the founder) certain property in the interests of third parties or of himself (the beneficiaries).

Unlike trust, fund is a legal entity that is required to have an authorised starter capital. The Fund is liable with its capital

for the fund’s obligations. Neither the founder nor the management bodies of the fund bear any personal property responsibility.

When creating a fund, just like a trust, the owner transfers his property to the management of the fund, i.e. the property

 is alienated from its actual owner and, thus, guarantees its protection by isolating assets from the rest of the beneficiary’s property (political risks, divorce, etc.). The Fund, like the trust, is an effective tool for international tax planning.
Specialists of ILF A&A provide services in finding the most suitable country of registration of the trust / fund, accompany

the development of the concept of the trust / fund, control the transfer of assets and activities of the Trust or the management bodies of the fund.